Paper on school violence presented at EPA on 3/2 in Pittsburgh, PA

Volungis, A. M., & Howe, K.  (2012, March).  School violence prevention: Teachers establishing relationships with students using counseling strategies. Paper to be presented at the annual conference of the Eastern Psychological Association, Pittsburgh, PA.

Preventing school violence can often be perceived as a daunting macro-level problem to be handled by formal protocols alone.  However, as research has shown in the past decade, the quality of relationships between students and school personnel, also called ‘school connectedness,’ may ultimately influence violent incidents within and outside the school. This paper provides the first known translation of counseling strategies for schoolteachers with the explicit goal of developing school connectedness in the prevention of school violence.

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Overmedicated America
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Adam M. Volungis, PhD, LMHC

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