Videos (PSY 708)

Chapter 1 – The CBT Model {No Videos}


Chapter 2 – Establishing a CBT Therapeutic Alliance: Collaborative Empiricism {No Videos}


Chapter 3 – CBT Assessment, Case Formulation, and Treatment Planning


Chapter 4 – CBT Session Structure: Purposeful and Flexible


Chapter 5 – Psychoeducation: Teaching, Supporting, and Motivating


Chapter 6 – Behavioral Activation: Monitoring, Scheduling, Moving, and Getting Things Done


Chapter 7 – Automatic Thoughts: Eliciting, Identifying, Evaluating, and Modifying Maladaptive Thought Patterns


Chapter 8 – Core Beliefs: Identifying and Modifying the Source of Maladaptive Thought Patterns


Chapter 9 – Behavioral Exposure: Relaxing, Testing Thoughts, and Confronting Fears and Anxieties


Chapter 10 – Homework: Therapy Between Sessions {No Videos}


Chapter 11 – CBT and Technology {No Videos}


Chapter 12 – Common CBT Myths {No Videos}


Chapter 13 – Being a Competent CBT Therapist {No Videos}


Adam M. Volungis, PhD, LMHC

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