Presentation with My Research Assistants at the ‘New England Psychological Association’ (NEPA) on 10/10/15

Volungis, A. M., Popores, C., Raziuddin, A., & Avolese, P. (2015, October). Enhancing cognitive behavioral therapy with technology. Poster presented at the 55th annual conference of the New England Psychological Association, Fitchburg, MA.

Integrating technology into Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) appears to be a “good fit” due to its tracking and empirical nature (e.g., Berry & Lai, 2014; Kelly et al., 2013; Singer et al., 2015). This poster will highlight a variety of modes of technology that are commonly used by CBT therapists, including examples of actual therapeutic assessment and interventions by the first author. Specific examples will include: smartphone and tablet applications, video recordings (by client), audio recordings (by client), Internet videos and pictures (observed by client), and virtual reality. Examples of CBT related techniques used with these technologies will include: psychoeducation, self-monitoring and tracking of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; meditation and other relaxation techniques; challenging automatic thoughts; and exposure techniques.

NEPA Team Photo - 10-10-15

Presentation @ the New England Psychological Association {October, 2015}   {left to right: Paul Avolese, Dr. V, Colleen Popores, Almaas Raziuddin}

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Adam M. Volungis, PhD, LMHC

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