Presentation with My Research Assistants at the ‘Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies’ (ABCT) on 10/29/16 in New York, NY

Creating a Comprehensive Website for CBT Resources: What’s Working, What Isn’t… and Looking for Feedback

Website under construction:

*We forgot to have someone take a picture during our presentation, so we later had someone take our photo in front of poster board – we’re still excited!


Presentation @ the Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies            {October, 2016}

{left to right: Mark Joyce, Colleen Popores, & Dr. V}

Presentation with My Research Assistants at the ‘New England Psychological Association’ (NEPA) on 10/15/16 @ Assumption College

College Smartphone Dependency, Mental Health, and Personality

This study examined the relationship between smartphone dependency, social-emotional well-being (e.g., sleep quality, loneliness, psychological distress), and personality traits in college students.  Recent research appears to indicate that the frequency and dependency on smartphones show cognitive and behavioral patterns similar to other addictive disorders.  Logistic analyses supported the predictive nature of smartphone dependency on multiple social-emotional well-being variables.  Moderator analyses also showed that personality traits (e.g., neuroticism, conscientiousness) either enhanced or diminished these relationships.  Overall, these findings have the potential to inform interventions targeted at reducing/modifying smartphone use and improving college student mental health.

Adam M. Volungis, PhD, LMHC

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