Paper on Preventing School Violence/Shootings & Bullying to be Presented at the ‘Association for Conflict Resolution’ on 9/15 in New Orleans, LA

Daniels, J. A., Vecchi, G., Volungis, A. M., & Kinnucan, L. (2012, September). Breaking the code of silence: Strategies for combating school shootings and bullying. Paper and workshop to be presented at the 12th annual conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution, New Orleans, LA.

Since Columbine we have learned much about school shooters and preventing acts of lethal school violence. We know that when students feel connected to at least one adult they are less likely to act out aggressively at school. Psychologists and crisis negotiators have fine-tuned active listening as an effective means of building such trusting relationships. In this workshop we will review the research pertinent to preventing lethal school violence, and will highlight the importance of active listening in creating safer schools.

Adam M. Volungis, PhD, LMHC

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