Topic 6: Automatic Thoughts & Core Beliefs {by 10/17}

[Automatic Thoughts] – Watch MDD-12: Automatic Thoughts – Negative Automatic Thought Record.  Answer the following: (1) How is the client’s response to the outcome (emotionally and cognitively) helpful to understanding his distress? (2) What would be effective Socratic techniques to modify his negative automatic thought?


[Core Beliefs] – There are three readings due this week (J. Beck – 2 Chapters; Volungis – 1 Chapter).  (1) What are core beliefs?  (2) What are the therapeutic gains that come from modifying core beliefs?  Your original post should be posted by the beginning of class 10/17.  Have your two replies posted no later than 10/19.  *Please remember to click the “reply” button when posting a reply.  This makes it easier for the reader to follow the blog postings.

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Adam M. Volungis, PhD, LMHC

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